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learn to drive safely, confidently, and on your terms

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Why choose Conquest School Of Driving

  • Learning to drive isn't about having a piece of paper in your hand, its about being confident and competent on the road, being a master of the road. At Conquest School of Driving we believe in teaching you properly, at your pace, in a way that fits your qualities and abilities.
  • The Driving School was established by a former traffic officer, who brought all their know how and insider information with them. We have maintained that tradition to this day, adding years of experience to the mix, making us one of the most well established, experienced and knowledgable driving schools in Cape Town.
  • Our instructors are professional trained and certified, and further more they have your interests at heart.
  • You control every aspect of your learning, from the pace to the location, we can even start your lesson in one location and end it in another.
  • Slow learner? If you are worried about how many lessons you will need to pass your test why not take advantage of our unlimited lessons package and take all the time you want.
  • Learning to drive needs you to have a lot of trust and faith in the person teaching you. You can build that trust by having the same instructor throughout your learning, even having your instructor present at your test for last minute encouragement.
  • You will only ever get solid, truthful, constructive advise from us- we build our reputation on it. We ensure you take your test when you are ready- why is this important? Retesting is time consuming and expensive for you, and failing students are bad for our reputation.

Who are we?

Passing your driving test is hard, and so it should be.

We are there to help you through the process, helping you from learner through to fully licensed and beyond.

Your learning needs are our business and we have developed to ensure that you have a positive driving experience, growing confidence and technical ability in equal measure.

There is more to learning to drive than being able to operate a vehicle, and we were founded with this in mind. We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that you pass your test and, more importantly, are put well on the road to being a competent and safe driver.

You get the benefit of the years of experience accumulated by our professional, certified instructors, safe in the knowledge that they only have you best interests at heart. You know that the advice they give is what is best for you

Ultimately we want you to pass your test as efficiently as possible, and for you to go out on the road on your own, with the confidence to be able to hold your own and have years of safe driving.

We see it as a matter of pride that our students not only pass their test but go on to be better drivers.